Both entrepreneur and scholar, Pedro De Abreu has a long list of items checked off his bucket list at only age 26.

Founding his first startup at age 18 and winning the Coca Cola and USA Today New Century Scholar Award–among others–Pedro has since obtained his Master’s degree from Harvard, worked with top scientists on innovative research, presented an inspirational TEDx talk–with another one on the way– and kickstarted 2016 by becoming a finalist for Forbes 30 Under 30.

And now, within just 5 months of launching his latest startup, Pedro is working with top global brands Google and Logitech.

Pedro’s startup–14X Innovation Group–is a consultancy that harnesses cutting-edge research in neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral science to help individuals and teams hack their own brains, optimize their performance, and reach their full potential. You could say Pedro specializes in the science of success.

From the power of shamelessness, to the psychological trick of sunk costs, Pedro drops gems of wisdom that inspire and empower each of us to reach our full potential.


Pedro De Abreu is an entrepreneur, Harvard scholar, featured columnist, author, and the founder of 14x Innovation Group. He has a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology and Neuroscience in Mind, Brain, and Education from Harvard University, is a Teaching Fellow and Co-Instructor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and contributes research at the psychology laboratory of prominent Professor Daniel Gilbert at Harvard. TEDx talk.

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Pedro De Abreu

Founder, 14X Innovation Group


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