“Great ideas by themselves are not innovation.” – Sarah Boisvert

Serial entrepreneur and trailblazer Sarah Boisvert co-founded a digital fabrication company in 1986 before digital fabrication was even “a thing,” and she has been at the forefront of the industry ever since.

In this episode Sarah shares key concepts for testing ideas and turning them into innovation, including:

  • What the scientific method has to do with business
  • Why fast, dirty, and cheap experiments can be your most powerful tactic
  • The distinction between seeking what works vs. proving your idea does work
  • Knowing when to let go of a design or an idea
  • Overcoming fear of failure
  • And much more!

Guest Bio:

Sarah Boisvert is a serial entrepreneur whose first startup, Potomac Photonics, Inc., built and sold lasers, including the laser for LASIK eye surgery, and laser-based machine tools. After leading the sale of Potomac in 1999, Sarah consulted for organizations such as JDS Uniphase, Domino Printing Sciences, Coherent, and the MIT Fab Lab Network. Most recently, Sarah has founded Fab Lab Hub to support nearly 1,000 Fab Labs around the world. Fab Workforce is Sarah’s latest project, a training program in traditional and distributed manufacturing through hands-on, project-based learning in nontraditional settings.




Host & Producer:

Katya Margolin

Writer, Editor, Multimedia Storyteller



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