Luis Parada San Martin

Luis Parada San Martin

CTO – CareClever

Luis Parada

CTO of CareClever, a start-up company that develops and sells Cutii, the social robot. Under Luis` leadership, CareClever has advanced this cutting-edge solution to a growing societal problem; curing senior citizen’s loneliness that proves to acts as a breeding ground for other diseases. Luis utilizes innovations in technology as a tool for improving people’s lives. He is most passionate about how technology can change people’s lives for the better.

Growing up in Venezuela, Luis always imagined and created solutions to problems through technology. He has been programming and experimenting with electronics since elementary school.

After earning his Engineering degree in Computer Science from Supéléc France, he spent the last 15 years creating innovative and efficient solutions for many different industries including Air Travel, Automobile, Telecommunications, Biotechnologies and Robotics.

Luis and his daughter love sailing, hiking, biking, skiing and enjoying all the outdoors have to offer.