Louis Berlin

Louis Berlin


Louis Berlin is the Founder of the Synergix©  process of coaching and mentoring for professionals who seek to overcome obstacles to making themselves more successful, and dealing with leadership/management challenges.

Each engagement is custom designed to work with people to identify the problems, create a tailored program to tackle the issues, and provide a positive outcome.

Louis uses elements of neuro-semantics,  psychology, cognitive behavior therapy, and traditional coaching practices to produce successful results.

His services are available to individuals and organizations who want to function better, and engage in behavior that serves them well.

Louis developed the Synergix©  process after creating/managing/owning about 30 companies over 40+ years, including his current insurance brokerage business. In his coaching practice, 

he provides business and personal mentoring and advising, and practical programs for clients to solve the problems that are preventing them from achieving what is most important to them. He has a great track record in solving problems and overcoming challenges for individuals struggling with known challenges, as well as people who do not understand why they are not succeeding more often.

As an author, lecturer, and teacher, he particularly enjoys mentoring others to live more successful, prosperous, and inspired lives. By helping to improve and transform the quality of life for others, he has earned the trust, respect, and a continuing business of individuals, groups, businesses, and nonprofits.

In the philanthropic world, he has started and developed several charities, with a strong focus on child abuse, poverty, and teaching life-enhancing values. He supports numerous organizations, including serving on local, national, and international boards. He has developed several successful programs that he uses when training and teaching.