Kevin Huh

Kevin Huh

CEO – KIMCo (Moderator)

Kevin Huh is CEO of KIMCo, non-profit organization, that provides Open Innovation Platform for co-development & co-investment in Biotech and Pharma industry. Kevin is leading this collaboration and strategic partnership on investment and business development with industry key stakeholders cross-boarders in Korea and globally.
He brings with himself well over 30 years of professional healthcare experiences in both Korea and APAC region, as General Manager of IMS Health, Quintiles in Korea, and Director of business development for PharmaLink Asia Pacific in Singapore regional office. Before this, he also led, as Country Manager, Knoll pharmaceuticals operation in Korea. Through this multiple business leadership roles, he has expertise domain in particular for strategy & business development.

About KIMCo (Korea Innovative Medicines Consortium)

KIMCo was launched as a Korean open innovation platform to accelerate collaborations for industry innovative growth. KIMCo is non-profit-organization funded by 59 Korean pharma and KPBMA, operating with strategic partners, such as government, institutions, bio-ventures, VCs and undertaking joint-projects on combined resources and capabilities. Co-investment project is the core part of KIMCo to develop innovative medicines. In a related move, KIMCo expedites cross-board partnering for diverse and extensive collaborations. KIMCo is your gateway for collaborations.