Cynthia Cunningham

Cynthia Cunningham

Program Experience Coordinator – Venture Café Cambridge

Cynthia Cunningham is a multidisciplinary artist, dedicated advocate, social entrepreneur, and master connector. With a strong commitment to promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) values across industries, she has become an emerging voice in driving conversations that address systemic barriers and advocate for equitable opportunities for Historically Excluded Groups. Recognizing the interconnectedness of DEIB, Innovation, and the future of our world, Cynthia actively seeks to bridge gaps and promote understanding, emphasizing the importance of advocacy in all areas of society.

Cynthia graduated with her Master’s of Fine Arts from Sarah Lawrence College in 2019, bringing a unique blend of artistic creativity and social awareness to her work. Currently, as the Program Experience Coordinator at Venture Café Cambridge, she combines her passion for DEIB advocacy with her expertise in creating engaging and impactful events and programs.

Beyond specific industries, Cynthia understands the broader impact of DEIB issues on society as a whole. Her goal is to amplify underrepresented voices, raise awareness about the need for inclusive practices, policies, and environments, and create lasting change in fostering a more equitable and inclusive world.