Blair DeWitt

CEO and Co-Founder

Blair DeWitt is the CEO and Co-Founder of Lunar Station Corporation. The company that has created a lunar intelligence platform called MoonHacker™.  MoonHacker™ helps organizations have the best outcome for missions on the Moon. Blair, while earning his master’s at MIT, joined the student led Astropreneur and Space Industry Club. He was part of the team that created and organized the first annual MIT New Space Age Conference. Blair is committed to the betterment of the community through volunteerism.  He led the Architecture and Concepts Working Group at the Moon Village Association, a European Space Agency led industry and research non-profit association. Prior to spending 20 years with Silicon Valley technology firms Blair was a software engineer at NASA. Something most people don’t know about Blair is that he is an experienced horseback rider.  Blair has volunteered his expertise by teaching special needs children how to ride horses and helped train the Massachusetts State Police Horses for their mounted division.