Womxn in eSports

In-person session

November 5, 2020 | 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM

Welcome to our Thursday Gathering in eSports & Gaming at Venture Café Cambridge!

What does it take to build a career in esports? Is the path any different for a female athlete? This Thursday, we are featuring Allison “Skybilz” Waters of OXG Esports. Allison is a professional esports commentator, host for Games Done Quick, coach for Gamer Sensei, a partner and writer for Ritual Motion, and a person who believes in the power of community. Join us as Allison shares her insights into being an esports professional, keeping an audience engaged for 5+ hours straight, and what can be done to make esports accessible and inclusive.

At the intersection of competitive sports, design, and VR, eSports is an industry to watch. During this conference, we will discuss the trends and state of innovation in eSports and Gaming, meet the womxn that shape the industry, test the technology and see the solutions that went far beyond the virtual world of eSports and have made our lives more comfortable, our learning more fun, and our communication easier. Join us as we explore the world of eSports and the largest social medium in the world – players chat.


1:30 PM (ET): eSports New England Edition – State of Innovation & Informal Conversations

2:00 PM (ET): Womxn in eSports

3:00 PM (ET): Tech & Solutions for eSports and Beyond

4:00 PM (ET): eSports Arena – the Largest Social Network

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November 5, 2020