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What is “integrated content marketing” and why does it matter to your startup? In a recent survey, top marketers from around the globe rated content marketing and digital marketing as their top strategies and priorities for increased budget spend in 2018. Content and digital marketing are central to the success of companies in every industry, from startups to the Fortune 500. If you’re not leveraging the latest best practices in these areas to best market, promote and sell your products, you will likely be losing out on key opportunities for growth.

Get a crash course (at a high level) on these topics and learn what you need to know to better attract visitors, generate leads and close business, and how to help get your new business’ marketing up and running. John Moran, founder and CEO of Blue Wave Marketing in Boston (www.bluewavemarketing.com) has a background from U of Rochester, MIT and Boston U., and has branded his agency as the “integrated content marketing company”. He has hosted numerous marketing though leadership events and discussions, has helped many companies in the past 20 years promote and market their businesses, including local Boston area startups like Hubspot, Zipcar, SoliPoints and more.

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February 1, 2018