The Draft Room - Bring Your (Professional) Writing!

In-person session | Engage, Share

May 9, 2024 | 5:30 PM - 7:15 PM
Room: Sonata Conference Room

Do you have professional writing materials that you’re struggling with? That could be a resume, a draft of something, or even a creative piece of writing. Welcome to The Draft Room, a supportive community where founders, investors, creatives, artists, job hunters, and more come together to hone their technical writing projects, refine copy, update resumes, and elevate their craft.


That’s right – bring your writing with you to this rolling opportunity between 5:30pm – 7:30pm in the Sonata Conference Room (off of the Connection Collider space)!

Led by Parker Lemal-Brown, a seasoned TV writer, producer, and ESG/social enterprise strategy consultant, The Draft Room offers a unique blend of expertise and creative insight. With a background in marketing and business strategy for social enterprises like Sumbon, as well as experience in translation and nonprofit work in Dakar, Senegal, Parker brings a diverse perspective to the table.

Parker’s extensive career in television includes work on groundbreaking series such as TRANSPARENT (Amazon), GREASE: RISE OF THE PINK LADIES (Paramount), and BRIDGERTON (Netflix). Additionally, as an executive at Roadmap Writers and a story analyst for The Black List, Parker is deeply embedded in the entertainment industry, providing invaluable guidance to emerging artists.

Currently an independent consultant, Parker specializes in ESG research, content strategy, script feedback, LGBTQ+ representation, and career development for artists. Their passion lies in connecting new ideas to audiences and turning empathy into action, making them a natural fit for guiding creatives through complex challenges.

At The Draft Room, you’ll find a welcoming space to collaborate, receive constructive feedback, and refine your projects with the support of a diverse and talented community. Whether you’re looking to polish your writing, enhance your storytelling skills, or navigate the ever-changing landscape of the creative industry, The Draft Room is here to help you succeed.

Join us and tap into Parker’s wealth of knowledge and experience as we work together to bring your ideas to life and make meaningful impact in the world. Let’s create something extraordinary, one draft at a time.

May 9, 2024