As a practicing Sikh with unshorn hair, beard, and turban, Kanwar was repeatedly told no when trying to serve his nation. Undeterred by the 16 rejections, he kept going back to enlist. With support from bipartisan Members of Congress, the White House, a sitting Secretary of Defense, numerous retired military generals, and a historic civil rights and religious freedom lawsuit (Singh v. McConville), Kanwar commissioned as an officer. Today, tens of thousands of Americans from all religious backgrounds serve with their articles of faith. Women no longer have to keep their hair in a bun, and African-American women no longer have to straighten their hair. Kanwar played a small role in breaking down these barriers and ensuring that diversity and inclusion thrive in the US military. Today, Kanwar is successfully commercializing an alternative to GPS capability for US military and commercial markets. Attend this session to learn more about why the courage to persist is important for entrepreneurs.

What will attendees take away from this session? The courage to persist matters more than success or failure in life. If there is one thing you learn from my journey, it’s the courage to persevere and the relentless pursuit of success, despite encountering frequent failures and obstacles along the way.


Kanwar is also the CEO and Co-Founder of Skyline Nav AI. Their mission is to provide a superior alternative to GPS in areas it cannot reach, detect GPS spoofing and augment GPS where it fails.


They specialize in harnessing the power of computer vision algorithms and reference datasets to navigate and position effectively without relying on GPS, cellular or Wi-Fi. The solution allows you to confidently operate in urban canyons, and in environments where GPS may be degraded or entirely absent.

With a proprietary Skyline Match AI™️ product, it can localize you within 5 meters with a clear view, 95% of the time, with no GPS, cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity. They are revolutionizing the future of AI-powered mobility and making navigation more resilient.

Skyline Nav AI is backed by US Air Force, NASA, US Army, SXSW 2024, Draper Labs, MIT, Cornell, NGA, MassChallenge, CDL, FedTech, DCode, NSF and other customers/partners.

Learn more about Kanwar's journey here.

July 18, 2024