The Art of Storytelling for Entrepreneurs with Chuck Goldstone

Hybrid session | Conversation Table, Learn

November 9, 2023 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Room: Havana Room

Join Chuck Goldstone and friends for the launch celebration of ‘Strategy and Story: Getting Others to Listen, Like You, and Say Tell Me More!’ In this engaging fireside chat, Chuck will be joined by Cynthia Cunningham, Program Experience Coordinator for Venture Café. We’ll explore why your story extends beyond the pitch, how it’s your most valuable asset, and how to craft a compelling narrative that informs, inspires, and moves any audience to action. We’ll also cover how harnessing the power of storytelling can accelerate the development and growth of ventures worldwide.

Your story is a valuable asset, conveying who you are, what you do, your needs, and why others should listen. Learn how to create a compelling, persuasive narrative that captivates your audience and motivates them to act. This engaging session will make your message clear, engaging, and unforgettable!

This is a hybrid session. View the livestream here!

November 9, 2023