Last year, a team of four sustainability graduate students in Sweden conducted research on five active Venture Café sites around the world for an international masters Thesis. The findings were laid out in terms of programming and operations and offer a set of recommendations for actions that individual sites and the network as a whole can adopt. In this session, team member and long-time sustainability advocate Sierra Flanigan will provide information on context, process, and findings around what Venture Café global is doing currently around sustainability and what more can be done to advance this global initiative.

By the end of the session, you will:
  • Connect UN SDGs with VC global network by seeing components of operational and programmatic sustainability initiatives underway.
  • Be presented with academic research findings on sustainability integration into Venture Café global network published in 2019.
  • Understand scope of UN SDGs broadly, what they mean operationally and how they connect with Venture Café Global. 



February 13, 2020