Come learn about the basics of composting and how to get started.

The workshop will be lead by Elena Sereiviene who lives a zero-waste lifestyle. One of the ways she tries to minimize her environmental impact is by composting.

“I love composting! Every time I take out the little bucket to my compost pile it makes me happy that all of these wonderful nutrients are going back into the soil rather than to a toxic landfill. Composting was by far the easiest and most impactful change I have made on my zero-waste journey.”

Elena will be sharing her experience and practical tips on how almost anyone with little effort can lead a more sustainable lifestyle. You can read more about her adventures here.



The Sustainability Collaborative was spurred as an outgrowth of the Sustainability unConference and aims to provide an ongoing platform for collaboration, connections, and solutions generation. Rotating sustainability advocates are given the chance to facilitate group discussion around central sustainability themes ranging from hunger alleviation to impact investing. The goal is to raise awareness within the innovation community while strengthening the social impact ecosystem.

Hosted monthly as part of The Venture Café Foundation’s Café Night at Kendall gathering.

April 12, 2018