Sustainability Collaborative

In-person session

February 8, 2018 | 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

All over the world, food is wasted at unjustifiable levels. Waste occurs throughout all areas of the supply chain, but in the US, the vast majority of waste is seen at the consumer level in businesses and homes. The EPA’s Food Recovery Hierarchy ranks solutions to mitigate food waste based on their economic, social, and environmental benefit to society. While many of the solutions at the bottom of the hierarchy may be familiar to most, we’d like to highlight the EPA’s most preferred solutions that may not be as well known, and discuss some of the barriers preventing businesses from taking action against food waste.

Speaker Bio:
Clay Arnold is Phood’s Director of Partnerships. Since joining Phood in early 2016, Clay has been responsible for business development and managing strategic partnerships with Phood’s clients and other third-party organizations to help further Phood’s mission of food waste prevention. Clay has a background in environmental science and sustainability, and his interest in food waste from an environmental perspective is what originally drew him to Phood.

Clay Headshot

Clay Arnold

The Sustainability Collaborative was spurred as an outgrowth of the Sustainability unConference and aims to provide an ongoing platform for collaboration, connections, and solutions generation. Rotating sustainability advocates are given the chance to facilitate group discussion around central sustainability themes ranging from hunger alleviation to impact investing. The goal is to raise awareness within the innovation community while strengthening the social impact ecosystem.

Hosted monthly as part of The Venture Café Foundation’s Café Night at Kendall gathering.

Please reach out to Sierra Flanigan.

February 8, 2018