Sustainability Collaborative

In-person session

November 9, 2017 | 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Renew Boston provides energy efficiency initiatives to residents all over Boston, and are working to bring more renters into the movement. The team is putting on their design-thinking helmets and hosting a design workshop specifically for renters! Attendees will participate in a quick design challenge, break-out interview session, and group discussion. If you are interested in design and energy, then come, ask questions, and give feedback! Contact Alisha Pegan at

Alisha Pegan has a lifelong passion for sustainability and community engagement. She is currently the community outreach fellow for the City of Boston’s residential energy efficiency program. She works to connect residents to Mass Save, Boston Home Center, and other resources to help them reduce their greenhouse gas emission, energy usage, and utility bill. Before Renew Boston, she was at Wellesley College and Olin College studying environmental studies, engineering, and design. She really likes tamales and tofu.
The Sustainability Collaborative was spurred as an outgrowth of the Sustainability unConference and aims to provide an ongoing platform for collaboration, connections, and solutions generation. Rotating sustainability advocates are given the chance to facilitate group discussion around central sustainability themes ranging from hunger alleviation to impact investing. The goal is to raise awareness within the innovation community while strengthening the social impact ecosystem.

Hosted monthly as part of The Venture Café Foundation’s Café Night at Kendall gathering.

Please reach out to Sierra Flanigan.

November 9, 2017