Come meet Areva Martin – a nationally-known attorney, advocate for workplace, women and disability rights, television host, and author.

A Harvard trained civil rights attorney, Areva is the founding and managing partner of one of Los Angeles’ oldest and largest African American female-owned law firms, Martin & Martin, LLP. She has been identified as a Southern California Super Lawyer for the last 5 years. She also created Special Needs Network, Inc., a non-profit benefitting special needs kids and their parents.

She is a quotable authority on workplace issues, disability rights, education, custody and women’s issues. Areva is a recurring co-host on the Emmy Award-winning syndicated talk show, The Doctors, and a CNN Legal Analyst. She appears regularly on Dr. Phil, Daily Mail, Good Morning America, World News Tonight and across the broad spectrum of CNN and HLN shows including, AC 360, The Michael Smercornish Show, CNN International, CNN Tonight, and a variety of talk and news shows. Areva writes regularly for CNN.com, Daily Beast, Thrive Global and Time.Motto, where you can find her monthly column, Sexist Laws Explained.

March 22, 2018