Launching C10 Labs: A new Dimensional AI Hub at CIC

Hybrid session | Panel, Presentation, Learn, Engage

November 16, 2023 | 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Room: Havana Room


Recent tool announcements, such as those from OpenAI on November 7th, have ignited a surge in AI development, prompting inquiries across various industries:


  • What opportunities and risks come with the influx of new development platforms?
  • Is there a risk of the AI industry facing a downturn?
  • What sets Dimensional AI apart from ‘Screen AI’?

In the global landscape, as cities and countries consider how to harness this growth, additional questions emerge:


  • What role can institutions, infrastructure, and policy play in fostering global AI innovation?
  • How can non-technical talent join the AI wave, and why do technical experts cluster in certain locations?
  • What non-technical roles exist in AI ventures, and what fundamentals should everyone learn?

In the midst of these discussions, an estimated $13 trillion is anticipated from AI annually by 2030, particularly in sectors like energy, transport, and health. This prompts further exploration into the trajectory of AI’s impact on world GDP and strategies for building bridges between traditional industries and new ventures.


For its launch event, Venture Studio C10 Labs invites you to listen to thought leaders on each of these four topics discuss these essential questions. C10 Labs is a Cambridge-based venture studio transforming the future of AI-First startups. Their venture studio model is extending the AI revolution beyond screens to build “Dimensional AI” ventures that will revolutionize healthcare, agriculture, transportation, energy, and more.

Also, featuring: Marzyeh Ghassemi, Professor at CSAIL, MIT

November 16, 2023