Social Impact Cohort Rapid Pitches

In-person session | Learn, Connect

August 8, 2024 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Room: Havana Room

Experience the future of innovation as the CIC Social Impact Program’s graduating cohort presents their groundbreaking ventures. From pioneering approaches in biotech, to culturally-sensitive wigs, AI solutions, education, public records management, and beyond: there is something here for everyone. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the future of innovation unfold.

The graduating cohort includes:


  • CircNova: CircNova is a high-growth AI Drug Discovery platform and product development startup dedicated to advancing programmable medicine based on non-coding RNA. CircNova aims to contribute significantly to the field of RNA therapeutic development, specifically targeting undruggable medical needs.
  • Coils to Locs: Coils to Locs is a social impact, for-profit business filling a gap neglected by the major U.S. wig distributors supporting the lucrative hair loss industry: The lack of availability of premium, coily, curly, culturally-sensitive wigs, (hair prosthesis) targeting Black women experiencing medical and non-medical hair loss.
  • Ethos Admissions: Ethos Admissions is a social impact enterprise that provides student, family, and community-centered postsecondary readiness including college, career, and workforce development. Through one-on-one expert mentorship, small student groups, and multigenerational programming with a community focus, our mission is to close the equity gap on education and postsecondary success by helping students find their purpose, path, and pack.
  • RequestFOIA: is a digital transformation cloud based software application for Government agencies. Our software provides workflow automation for agencies to respond to the rising number of FOIA/ Public records requests that they’re mandated to respond to by law. Our application provides transparency and accountability for both the requester and the agency responding to requests. We bring compliancy and security to our government agency clients.
  • SplitBrick: Empower yourself to control your financial future. With SplitBrick, you can own and control your real estate portfolio starting with an investment of as little as $1. SplitBrick lets you purchase a share of investment properties nationwide, earn a share of the profits, and democratically manage its future. Be a part of the real estate revolution, one brick at a time!
  • ThrivelEP: There are over 7 million kids in the U.S. special education system and there are at least 5 million more whose parents are fighting to access services from their public schools. To advocate for their kids, parents need to rapidly become experts in special education law, neuropsychology, educational benchmarks and practices, education policy, medicine, and organizational politics to navigate a painfully complicated system, all while holding onto the hope that their child will learn the skills they need to thrive today and in the future. ThriveIEP is changing how parents manage the special education process, empowering them with a robust platform that provides generative AI-driven insights, information, and assistance to improve educational outcomes for kids.
  • Yoku AI: Yoku combines expertise in human vision with cutting-edge computer vision and AI to help inform critical design choices, optimizing visibility of content in peripheral vision. We specialize in applying vision science modeling to predict the visibility and legibility of marketing material and packaging for CPG brands.


August 8, 2024