Happiness quotient is described as an ability to create a positive and inspiring mind space and resiliency is the act of protecting it. Raising the happiness quotient and resiliency are foundational to leading a fulfilled life and building an efficient organization. In life and in organizations we come across situations that require an additional set of skills to help us face unexpected challenges and unpleasant outcomes. What are those skills? How do we cultivate a mindset that inspires everyone around you to give their best even in unfavorable conditions? Learn from experts who will share tips and techniques that helped them achieve their goals despite adversity and create a culture of trust and excellence at workplace.

In this Flash-talks session, a series of highly accomplished entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, and seekers will share their expertise in various aspects of life and organizations to help you build optimum resiliency and a higher happiness quotient. Join us to experience the “balanced state of mind” which leads to non-causal happiness that fuels creativity, courage, and empathy in a live, guided meditation session.

June 23, 2022