In this last week of the LinkedIn #5DayChallenge, we are discussing the “Projects” and “Publications” sections.

The Publication section is a great place for your evergreen blog content. In fact, if you have any of the following content, add it:

✅ Keynote presentations
✅ Case studies
✅ White papers
✅ Fact sheets or press releases

A “best-selling” author? Add your book and link it to Amazon.

Projects are also a great way to incorporate your courses, webinars, videos, and podcasts.

Key Lessons:
1. Learn how to add “Projects and Publications” to your profile
2. View examples of how to keep your profile fresh and compelling
3. Learn creative uses of these two areas

Presented by Angela Pitter, Digital Marketing Strategist for LiveWire Collaborative

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September 10, 2020