MITAS Medical Inc. was founded in 2017 with the mission to “make medical treatment available to everyone.” We have started an ambitious project that aims to reconstruct traditional medical examinations offered at eye clinics or hospital ophthalmology departments using a smartphone to offer remote diagnosis that is timely, cheap and adequate. We envision providing our services to people who live in isolated areas or need home medical care in Japan, to people in regions where the number of ophthalmologists is insufficient (such as Southeast Asia, Africa, etc.) and in countries like the U.S. or Canada that extend over vast territories. We seek opportunities to promote our device in all of these countries and to get new ideas.

Hinge Therapeutics is an early-stage biopharmaceutical company based out of Sunnyvale CA. Our focus is on developing small-molecule therapeutics against traditionally undruggable/challenging targets for unmet medical needs. Our proprietary Hinge Discovery Platform has generated several novel inactivators against targets which are traditionally targeted only by large molecules such as antibody and siRNA. We are seeking investors/partners who can help us advance these programs while further establishing our “hinge discovery platform” which we believe can be applied to many other challenging targets.

Akrivis Technologies is a biopharmaceutical company founded in 2009 and headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Akrivis is focused on the early diagnosis, nuclear imaging and safer treatment of serious and life-threatening diseases from its patented pre-targeted payload deliver technology platform.

M Bio Technology is a leading company focused on the discovery and development of innovative therapeutic strategy for Mycoplasma Infectious Diseases (MID). We have acquired international patents for the diagnosis, prevention, and precision treatment of MIDs, which include not only pneumonia and asthma but also intractable neurological, skin, and renal diseases, in which common pathological mechanism is inflammation/fibrosis around blood vessel and nerves throughout the entire body caused by MIDs. We are in search of more funding, connecting with pharmaceuticals companies and clinical researches/hospitals, as well as other corporate partners.

Braizon Therapeutics has a drug delivery technology for crossing Blood Brain Barrier to deliver any molecules into the brain. In addition, if the current difficulties with existing drugs targeting the brain are overcome, expectations are high that repositioning will be the result. We are rapidly consolidating research and micelle production systems so that feasibility studies and joint research with pharmaceutical companies can be vigorously pursued. We plan to open a research lab in Boston to facilitate smooth joint research with the western pharmaceutical companies, and are looking for investment and business development support in the US.

Revela Biotechnology is a biotech startup based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, seeking early-stage investors. Our focus is on developing modified single-domain antibody fragments as PET imaging agents to detect cancer and evaluate efficacy of ongoing treatments. Revela’s patented technology delivers superior PET imaging sensitivity compared to current methods. A primary focus is the clinical development of products that non-invasively track the human immune system in tumors, allowing us to rapidly evaluate the efficacy of cancer immunotherapies.

CellSeed Inc. is a Japan-based biotechnology innovator committed to the development and commercialization of highly differentiated tissue-engineered products for patients that are not sufficiently served by current medical technologies. We are exploring business partnerships with overseas companies for expanding cell sheet engineering, platform technology pioneered in Japan to the world.

Moderated by: Matt Krebs, Executive Director of Japan Society Boston

This event is part of Japan Life Sciences Innovation Night. Japan and Boston share a strategic relationship — this evening of networking, panel discussions pitches, and flash talks seeks to align the next generation of entrepreneurial spirit with the talent and resources needed to thrive in tomorrow’s market. To indicate your interest for headcount purposes, please visit our Eventbrite.

June 7, 2018