Pitch Night with Madrid Startups

In-person session | Presentation, Learn

April 25, 2024 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Room: Havana Room

Learn more about the startups below!

*indicates they will be presenting at Venture Café

A4 Cell: As a leader in cell-based assay development and commercialization, A4cell uses SPAchip technology to evaluate groundbreaking cell studies for drug development targeting emerging diseases. To advance our understanding of disease mechanisms, we aim to improve the accuracy and dependability of cell study results. With boundless enthusiasm and passion, our team is committed to this cause.

*Adamo Robot SL: Adamo Robot is a Spanish start-up that has developed the world’s first collaborative robot for musculoskeletal diseases and pain management using thermoregulated compressed air. It is an all-in-one solution combining diagnosis, treatment, and patient follow-up.  

Ahyres: Ahyres develops unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for autonomous operations beyond line of sight (BVLOS) for manufacturers and operators both at the Hardware (HW) level, designing electronics, avionics, communications, electric propulsion systems and payloads; as well as at the Software (SW) level, for the control, navigation, sensorization and management of UAS.

*Aitaca: Aitaca offers an AI-based solution for predicting jewelry sizes using Computer Vision. It provides significant business benefits to e-commerce, reducing returns and boosting customer satisfaction through accurate size predictions, directly leading to increased conversion rates and sales. This innovative approach promotes sustainability by minimizing waste and returns. Easy integration and a user-friendly interface further enhance its appeal to businesses looking to modernize their online retail experience.

Alteria Automation: Alteria Automation is a high tech SME specialized in predictive maintenance solutions for the industrial sector, covering the design and manufacturing of IoT devices and gateways, as well as the development of edge computing capabilities needed to cope with the huge data payload associated to Condition Based Monitoring in real-time and digital twin. Alteria is developing a turnkey solution for real time monitoring of substation transformer centres with two proof of concept projects underway with IBERDROLA in Spain and EDP in Portugal.

Counterfog: Counterfog spin off company offering a unique and effective solution to detect and/or remove air-borne CBRN agents, particulate matter, aerosols, smoke and dust fast and massively. Counterfog technology is adaptable to different detection, decontamination and disinfection needs, providing minimum downtime and simple operability to ensure safety, sustainability and health.

*CrossDNA: CrossDNA is a brand specializing in genetic testing for professional athletes. It helps them and their coaches, doctors and nutritionists to understand key aspects of how effort, exercise, diet and lifestyle affect them. 

*Dcycle: We help companies gather and operate their environmental data, through software as a service, to report to regulation and meet new financial and market needs quickly, efficiently, and reliably.  

*GeneticAI: Revolutionizing traditional educational approaches. A pioneering interactive learning platform, making it more accessible and enjoyable.   

*hr bot factory: hr bot factory is a SaaS solution that automates recruitment processes through AI and virtual assistants, making it possible to hire better and faster, and saving on recruitment costs. It also offers a differential experience to candidates, offering them a communication, feedback and support service throughout the evaluation process.  

*iCommunity: iCommunity is a blockchain-as-a-service platform to improve data traceability and integrity of business applications (ERP, HRS, DMS, SGA, …).

*LeapWave Technologies: LeapWave Technologies aims to revolutionize the Radio Frequency paradigm. High expertise in electronics, photonics and radio frequency worlds are combined into the expansion of possibilities in the RF spectrum.  

Lifesome Therapeutics: Lifesome Therapeutics is a nanotechnology start-up dedicated to the synthesis and formulation of a new generation of drug delivery systems. Lifesome's lead product, Ohmline, presents antitumoral and antibiotic properties itself, thus constituting the first therapeutic nanocarrier in the market.

Loomee: Loomee is a solution that facilitates therapeutic decision-making and empower psychologists. Loomee offers professionals a Dashboard linked to an App for the patient, which allows them to plan interventions, assign exercises based on scientific evidence, and monitor the work done by patients between sessions. This improves adherence and the therapeutic bond, personalizing the patient's experience.

*Orquest: Orquest is an advanced solution for workforce planning in stores and restaurant chains, standing out for its commitment to regulatory compliance by ensuring the respect of all applicable restrictions. Powered by artificial intelligence, Orquest goes beyond schedule management, focusing on optimizing store operational efficiency, enhancing the customer experience, and promoting employee well-being.  

Sanzar: Sanzar is a Spanish enterprise with a global footprint, focuses on aerospace services, including the creation of a groundbreaking, patented AOCS that disrupts the market with its significant benefits over existing solutions. Furthermore, Sanzar delivers land assessment services using satellite images with resolutions as fine as 30cm, accommodating a broad spectrum of analytical needs.

SleepZzone: SleepZzone is a B2B Medical Wellness Solution in the first Personalized Sleep Telemedicine Platform with AI and Big Data using the SleepZzone® Methodology, based on our Scientific Committee´s guidelines. From our offices in Spain (Madrid & Alicante) and USA (Miami) we offer to our clients a ROI Indicator Dashboard to understand the impact of sleep on employee health, well-being, and company performance.

*SPIKA TECH: Lighting the path of tomorrow technology, Spika Tech is a leading company in the technology sector, specializing in Deep Tech, working on the design and creation of innovative tools for the healthcare industry.  

SuperGiz: SuperGiz takes a personalized, light, practical, and affordable approach to unconventional prostheses with accessories for all daily activities. We aim to democratize access to arm prostheses.

April 25, 2024