Pitch and Q&A with GRAFF

In-person session | Presentation, Learn

November 30, 2023 | 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Room: Havana Room

Meet the 2023 Hult Prize finalist team that came in the top six of 20,000 startups competing worldwide for the coveted Hult Prize, winning $100,000. They will present their four minute winning pitch followed by a moderated discussion about their journey, what they learned, the challenges they now face with their business and the help they need from you.

Introducing GRAFF

GRAFF offers a sustainable alternative to fossil-fuel plastic by transforming textile waste into TexTerial pellets. This versatile raw material enables the production of various products, positioning us as a key B2B partner in manufacturing, hospitality, and retail. TexTerial offers a cost-effective and more resilient alternative to oil-based plastics, enhancing clients’ ESG scores while driving down CO2 emissions by 60% and fostering a circular economy. GRAFF commitment to the UN SDGs not only propels positive environmental change but also bolsters the reputations and financial performance of client brands.

Read more about their remarkable story here.

About Hult Prize

The Hult Prize, established in 2009 by a group of Hult International Business students, has traditionally taken place at the United Nations, with a US $1 million grant awarded annually to the winning team. Through the years the locations have changed. In 2023 when the competition was about sustainable fashion it ventured to Paris, France, coinciding with Paris Fashion Week. The Hult prizes were presented by renowned fashion designer Stella McCartney.

November 30, 2023