When things go wrong, we are often our worst enemies. Self-criticism, self-doubt, self-blame, and shame can get in the way of recovering from mistakes, failures, and shortfalls. How do we manage these difficult emotions and motivate ourselves to learn and keep moving forward?

Scientific studies have shown that being kind to ourselves, or self-compassion, not only keeps us motivated after a setback, but also builds sustainable self-confidence. Everyone can learn and develop self-compassion!

Sounds weird, but in this interactive session, you will:
  • Be among other successful people who’ve made mistakes and learned to move on!
  • Learn what self-compassion is and why it is more effective than self-esteem
  • Practice applying self-compassion to manage self-doubt, anxiety, or feeling unmotivated after a setback or failure
  • Leave with tools to motivate yourself like a good coach with encouragement, kindness, and respect

Presented by: Jung Starett, Principal & Co-Founder, SoulCo LLC

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April 9, 2020