On-Demand Advisory Board - Homwel & Obaggo Recycling

In-person session | Roundtable, Brainstorming

November 2, 2023 | 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Room: Santo Domingo

Ready to make a meaningful impact in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation? Advisory Boards offer valuable expertise to address critical challenges and goals faced by entrepreneurs and leadership teams. However, traditional advisory boards often come with a hefty price tag, limiting access to this invaluable guidance for many. That’s where Venture Café, in collaboration with Sbur, steps in.

We facilitate collaborative sessions that bring pre-selected founders together with teams of advisors and fellow entrepreneurs. During these hour-long collaborative sessions, founders will jointly address specific challenges they’re navigating, aiming to generate fresh ideas and effective solutions for moving forward.

This week, our two featured founders, Homwel and Obaggo Recycling, represent the residential real estate and recycling manufacturing + distribution industries. Due to the personalized nature and the need for focused attention, each session is limited to 30 advisors. If you are a fellow founder, a mentor, or have experience in either of these industries, we encourage you to pre-register to save your spot now!



We are on a mission to make home ownership more accessible by providing a seamless experience for buyers and sellers. Acting as a buy-button for real estate, Homwel provides a visual and collaborative experience to the real estate transaction for those involved. In the 10 months since launching the platform, Homwel has already processed over half a billion worth of transactions and is growing quickly in NH and MA.

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Obaggo Recycling“Turn plastic bags into recyclable disks”

Obaggo manufactures an appliance that allows consumers to more easily recycle their plastic bags and packaging film. We provide a device that transforms loose bags and film into rigid disks, which are less of an environmental problem and more of a desirable commodity. We also work with the downstream recycling apparatus to ensure the material is captured and recycled into new products.

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November 2, 2023