OktoberINVESTfest Startup Pitches

In-person session | Presentation

October 19, 2023 | 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Room: Havana Room

Experience global innovation as 8 startups, hailing from both Bavaria, Germany and the USA, take center stage for dynamic pitches. Take part in this session to hear about exciting investment opportunities from these global entrepreneurial hubs, and how these technologies are pushing the boundaries of health technology!


Bio Variance

In 2013 BioVariance founder and CEO, Dr. Josef Scheiber, recognized an opportunity to capture the individually variable effectiveness of medications, and to use this data to benefit people in need of medical treatment.
A decade on, we are proud that BioVariance has been recognized among the top 100 most innovative medium sized German enterprises, and the “Leading innovators in AI based personalized medicine solutions”, having been awarded the 2021 “Global Excellence Award”.
With newly designed and built headquarters in Tirschenreuth, Bavaria, BioVariance has a growing team of experts (data analysts, software developers, chemists, biologists and professional management staff) that are all committed to leading the path towards better healthcare for everyone.


Brainbot is an everyday personal digital rehab companion, which aids people suffering from chronic illnesses, such as concussions, in self-managing their symptom triggers and confidently resuming daily activities.

HMG Systems Engineering

HMG is a consulting and development company with special focus on a systemic approach. The multidisciplinary HMG team works together with our clients on solutions in the fields of mobility, renewable energy and medical technology. Since 2014, we have developed the PGXperts system, a comprehensive Clinical Decision Support System to democratize Personalized Medication.

Rubix LS

Rubix LS is a first and last mile patient research firm dedicated towards advancing therapies and precision clinical trials for underserved and underrepresented patient communities.


Millions of people worldwide suffer from brain-related issues that can already be addressed with the latest breakthroughs in neurotechnology at-home. We leverage cutting edge research to develop drastically better solutions for the greatest challenges to brain health.

Current solutions fail to achieve satisfactory outcomes: about 25% of 80 million migraineurs in the US and Europe are dissatisfied with existing treatment options. Research indicates that the stimulation protocol we use reduces migraine attacks by over 50%, providing much needed relief to those who need it.

AI powered, personalized Neurotech – Our vision is that Brightmind.AI’s personalized brain stimulation solutions are available in homes worldwide, offering to adress globally important challenges to brain health such as pain relief, preventing cognitive decline and treating depression.

PMD Solutions

PMD Solutions prevent respiratory failure by making every breath count. Using the wearable device, RespiraSense, PMD offers continuous and motion tolerant monitoring of respiratory rate – the earliest indictor of respiratory failure – that is shown to detect failure 12hrs earlier than pulse oximetry. RespiraSense is used across 25 hospitals and 40,000 patients per year.


Actome’s pioneering Protein Interaction Coupling (PICO) technology enables a highly versatile and ultra-sensitive approach to detect and quantify single proteins and protein interactions by translating protein status into DNA barcodes. We provide an absolute quantitative, innovative and cost efficient approach for unmet analytical needs in proteomics. PICO features hitherto unseen ultra-high sensitivity that enables even single-cell analysis, while the workflow can be performed on ubiquitously available instrumentation for gene sequencing and digital PCR (dPCR).


At SurgiBox Inc. we aim to make surgery safer for both patients and healthcare providers around the world through innovative technology, co-developed with users and centered around patient needs. SurgiField™ is an ultraportable sterile system. It offers precise environmental control of a state-of-the-art operating room, with the footprint of a drape pack.


October 19, 2023