Minute-to-Pitch it

In-person session | Pitch Competition

November 30, 2023 | 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Room: Havana Room

Join us to explore the Hult Prize 2024 competition, a global challenge that empowers innovators in undergraduate or graduate programs to tackle pressing issues through social entrepreneurship. This visionary initiative, introduced by President Bill Clinton, is the driving force behind our event ‘Minute to Pitch It.’ ‘Minute to Pitch It’ is a pitch competition presented by Venture Café Cambridge in partnership with the Hult International Business School. It aims to select an exceptional startup team to represent our community in the Hult Prize 2024, where they will compete for a $1 million prize. Are you ready to seize this remarkable opportunity?

At ‘Minute to Pitch It,’ it’s your time to shine. Bring your well-prepared 2-minute pitch and convince our panel of judges that your world-changing idea for a social enterprise deserves the spotlight. All you need to do is ensure that your pitch aligns with at least one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). You have the power to choose the problem you want to solve and design the business idea that addresses it.

Pitches will be voted on after the competition, determining the winner of up to 3 months of office space at CIC Innovation Campus. But that’s not all. The winning team will also have the incredible opportunity to collaborate with a Hult undergraduate professor and Marketing Class students to craft a global marketing strategy for their venture.


Bl00d – A health management app that revolutionizes how individuals interact with and understand their bloodwork data, empowering users to make informed decisions about their health.

CheckPoint Health – A health management platform for family caregivers, preventing medical errors post-hospitalization through aligned family, patient, and physician insights.

Ecotone Renewables – Transforms food waste and compostables into bioenergy and organic fertilizer using patented digester systems, aiming to close the food loop sustainably.

Evikk – A technology-driven platform offering accessibility to localized products and services for local and small businesses, addressing the needs of immigrant consumers.

GrocerEase – Digitizes grocery purchases to reduce redundancy and food wastage, providing a simple and structured way to track and manage groceries.

Idori – Nurtures sustainable behaviors in young minds through interactive educational resources, combining storybooks, toys, activities, and online materials.

Low-Cost Educational Toys – Focuses on providing affordable educational toys for teaching robotics.

Mirella by Mausam – Offers dehydrated and freeze-dried fruit snacks as a convenient, nutritious, and eco-friendly alternative, catering to health-conscious individuals.

Nanit Robot – An educational solution accelerating engineering education for children and adults through a STEM microcontroller and relevant materials.

Pellucid – Uses NAV loans to help Private Equity LPs leverage shares for maximizing charitable contributions.

PrintinX – A mobile platform facilitating sustainable 2D and 3D printing jobs, promoting collaboration and recycling.

SplitIn – A community-based, peer-to-peer discount brokerage marketplace facilitating roommate searches and sub/leasing private living spaces for non-resident alien students and professionals.

WiroArt – Connects emerging artists with businesses to monetize empty walls, fostering engagement and sales through an innovative platform.

The Hult Prize, established in 2009 by a group of Hult International Business students, has traditionally taken place at the United Nations, with a US $1 million grant awarded annually to the winning team. Through the years the locations have changed. In 2023 when the competition was about sustainable fashion it ventured to Paris, France, coinciding with Paris Fashion Week. The Hult prizes were presented by renowned fashion designer Stella McCartney.

November 30, 2023