Keynote Speakers, Wellness Innovations

In-person session

June 21, 2018 | 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Join us for our Keynote session featuring several local industry experts:

  • Nataly Kogan from “Happier” From Russian Refugee to Business Powerhouse to Happiness Entrepreneur: A Cynic of Self-Help-Turned Ambassador of Joy Offers an Illuminating Guide on the Practice of Happiness.
  • Dr. Charles Krebs from “Uplift Naturally” Dr. Charles Krebs is a visionary research scientist, university lecturer, and clinician who has spent the last 30 years unlocking the secrets of how the brain, body, and our neural communications systems function, and link to the Energetic Systems of the body.
  • Justin Wright from “Habitus Incorporated” Justin Wright is a consultant, facilitator and executive coach. He has expertise providing transactional assistance, advising clients on behavior change, mediating disputes and providing mediation and negotiation training and executive coaching. Building teams and cultures of collaboration and easing friction and stress in interpersonal interactions.

This session is part of Wellness Innovations:

Learn from local industry leaders, scientists and experts about innovations in wellness, behavioral change, nutrition, fitness, environmental, societal wellbeing and more. Learn how to start or accelerate your wellness-related startup. There will be keynote speakers, flash talks, a panel discussion, demo tables, free samples and more.

Join us at Venture Café Cambridge on June 21st – Free Samples!

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June 21, 2018