K-Healthcare Showcase

In-person session | Info table

September 28, 2023 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Room: Santo Domingo

Experience the future of digital healthcare with Korean experts! Join us at the K-Healthcare Showcase to explore innovative technology and cutting-edge solutions. As you visit each table, collect colored stickers for a chance to win an exciting raffle prize [the winner to be announced at 7:30PM]. Discover innovative technology, meet Korean healthcare inventors, engineers, and service providers, and expand your knowledge. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to connect with industry leaders and win big!

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Dong-A ST is dedicated to improving lives and shaping a healthier future. We seek your support in our journey to become a leading global pharmaceutical company. Our focus spans ethical drugs, including domestically developed innovations like Stillen, Zydena, and Motilitone, as well as medical devices, diagnostics, and international ventures. We envision a future where Dong-A ST is recognized as a world-class pharmaceutical company driven by groundbreaking drugs. With cutting-edge research facilities like our state-of-the-art research center established in 2011 and our exceptional researchers, we are actively developing global pharmaceuticals. These resources enable us to explore international markets, expand exports, and establish ourselves as a global pharmaceutical entity, extending our impact beyond the domestic sphere.

We are a diverse team of engineers, physicists, biologists, and chemists united in our mission to develop cost-effective and swift disease detection solutions, particularly in areas where access to diagnostics is limited. Our goal is to ensure that accurate disease detection is within reach for all who require it.

Our core values revolve around mutual support, diligent and intelligent work, and enjoying what we do. We bring together a wide range of backgrounds and expertise, fostering a culture of diversity and creative thinking.

Our flagship product is a tabletop device designed for rapid COVID-19 diagnostic tests. Featuring user-friendly sample collection and a straightforward workflow, our COVID-19 test delivers speedy and precise results, empowering timely responses to infections and ensuring safety. With the ability to conduct up to 8 tests in a random-access manner, we offer quick turnarounds for efficient testing.

At Dxome, our mission is to enhance healthcare by delivering high-quality products that address the intricacies of human biology. We specialize in advanced technologies for detecting minute yet vital information, significantly impacting individuals’ quality of life. Our range includes screening panels and detection kits for human and infectious diseases, utilizing cutting-edge methods like Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and Real-Time PCR, enabling early diagnosis and treatment for improved survival rates.

Dxome maintains the highest product quality standards and offers innovative, technology-driven solutions for digitalized healthcare. Our products incorporate revolutionary technology, ensuring exceptional sensitivity, accuracy, user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness. With access to extensive genomic data obtained through high-throughput sequencing and advanced bioinformatics workflows, we provide clinically actionable insights tailored to personalized treatment for human and infectious diseases.

Musculoskeletal diseases cause chronic pain in muscles, tissues, and joints. Traditional exercise therapy is often neglected due to cost, location, and time constraints. In order for patients to continue rehab exercises with chronic pain, it is very important to have a resilient, positive mindset. Our vision recognition and AI technology address these challenges.

EverEx offers the first digital therapeutic solution for musculoskeletal disorders in Korea. We provide cognitive behavioral therapies to help patients understand the causes of pain and follow treatment more effectively. MORA is our software medical device that improves the patient experience by simplifying prescribed exercises and enhancing adherence.

FeverCoach, developed by Mobile Doctor, is a healthcare app designed to support parents with children by delivering timely and precise guidance on fever management. This innovative app harnesses advanced AI-driven tools crafted by medical professionals, including personalized recommendations for fever medication dosages, an intuitive symptom and temperature tracker, and alert systems to indicate when it’s necessary to consult healthcare providers.

FeverCoach has garnered a remarkable following of 1.5 million users in South Korea, providing invaluable assistance during those challenging moments when immediate medical advice may be unavailable. More than just an application, FeverCoach serves as a comprehensive AI-driven companion for concerned parents facing the challenges of caring for feverish infants.

HAII (Human AI Interaction) is pioneering the development of innovative AI-driven digital therapeutics for the prevention and management of mental health conditions and diseases, including Alzheimer’s, stroke, dementia, depression, and anxiety disorders. Our mission is to address the shortcomings of conventional pharmaceutical treatments by harnessing the power of information technology. Our approach centers on the creation of software-based therapeutics grounded in peer-reviewed research, eliminating the need for physical interventions or pharmaceuticals. Unlike traditional treatments involving drug injections, our therapy carries relatively low risks, offering a safer and more effective alternative.

Cardiovascular disease stands as the world’s primary cause of mortality, responsible for approximately one in every three deaths. In response to this critical issue, Medipixel has pioneered groundbreaking Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) solutions, leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to revolutionize diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in coronary interventions. Our commitment extends beyond diagnosis to encompass treatment within the cath lab, making us a leading authority in automated, precise, and timely coronary diagnosis and treatment. Powered by meticulously curated, high-quality labeled data, Medipixel’s artificial intelligence achieves performance levels previously deemed unattainable.

Our flagship product, ‘MPXA’ (Automated Vessel Segmentation) serves as the cornerstone for various coronary analyses, MPXA excels in the accurate identification and segmentation of not only the main vessel but also side branches—all in a fully automated fashion. As a result, MPXA seamlessly integrates into the cath lab environment, operating in real-time without disrupting existing workflows.

Standigm is an AI drug discovery company revolutionizing your drug development journey. Our workflow AI platform, from custom target identification to lead generation, offers invaluable insights for creating commercially viable drugs, whether for in-house or partnership projects. Since our founding in 2015, we’ve pioneered early-stage drug discovery AI, producing First-in-Class lead compounds in just seven months. Our commitment to full-stack, AI-driven industrialized drug discovery includes the automation of molecular design workflows through DarkMolFactory™. This automation extends to the entire drug discovery process using Standigm AI platforms, including Standigm ASK™ for target discovery, Standigm BEST™ for lead design, and Standigm Insight™ for drug repurposing. With $71.2 million in funding from prominent investors, we’ve assembled a top-tier team with diverse expertise in chemistry, biology, pharmacology, artificial intelligence, and data structures, all working towards alleviating the suffering of patients worldwide.

WELT is at the forefront of healthcare and technology, bringing together a diverse team of experts to create innovative solutions. Our clinical team comprises experienced professionals from the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, while our tech-savvy engineers and designers hail from successful tech companies and startups. We develop products that marry science with user-centric design, backed by rigorous research, studies, and regulatory approvals. Our commitment to quality and excellence is evident in our adherence to ISO and cybersecurity standards.

Recognizing the importance of patient engagement, we draw inspiration from the gaming industry to design products that captivate users. While we move deliberately in the healthcare space, our startup mentality drives us to remain agile, adaptable, and focused on delivering simple yet impactful solutions.

Yuhan USA, the global business arm of Yuhan Corporation, seeks collaborations with academic research centers, biotech startups, and pharmaceutical companies. Our goal: identify promising therapeutic assets with proof-of-concept data for equity investment and licensing. Since 1926, Yuhan Corporation has been dedicated to transparent management and innovative drug development. With 300+ scientists at Yuhan Research Institute, we aim to be a global pharmaceutical leader, focusing on patient-centered therapeutics and transformative technology. We value strong management teams that prioritize assets for long-term value creation and foster partnerships, including those in South Korea. Yuhan USA actively seeks strategic business development opportunities.

September 28, 2023