This seminar will eliminate the need for businesses to waste time chasing angel investors and venture capitalists by focusing on what’s most important: Delighting customers and building a sustainable business.

Disruption is common. Blockbuster, Toys R Us, and Blackberry all have been disrupted. Apple could be next because hungry startups are disrupting the status quo, innovating and building fast.

Startups often assume they have a capital problem. However, the reality is that most businesses have a business model problem. When they fix their business model, customers and capital will flow.

Join Anthony Price, author of Get the Loot and Run: Find Money for Your Business, to learn practical tips and source the full spectrum of capital available, from bank loans, economic development incentives, Kickstarter campaigns, private placement memorandums (PPM), direct public offerings, regulation crowdfunding, private lenders and more.

September 6, 2018