Seven innovative companies from Slovakia will have 5 minutes to pitch their solutions to a panel of judges and the Slovak Ambassador to the US, Ivan Korcok, will speak briefly about innovation in Slovakia.

Biotron is developing a new approach to enable businesses to access geolocation and other mobile and wearable data to guide decision-making. The high quality, privacy-compliant data is collected and controlled by consumers and users.  Data providers are incentivized by rewards via blockchain. Biotron is looking for app publishers to provide data and clients in need of superior data analytics.

Martin Smolka, COO, ms@biotron.io

Jakub Mazgut, CPO, jakub.mazgut@biotron.io

Luigi’s Box offers a set of powerful tools for e-commerce websites to improve search and product discovery. The company’s tools address a major reason why site visitors don’t purchase: they are unable to effectively search the website. The company has more than 100 clients in Central Europe who have increased conversion rates by an average of 22 percent and up to 320 percent.

Radoslav Balajka, CEO, balajka@luigisbox.com

Michal Barla, CPO, barla@luigisbox.com

Vacatuner transforms travel agents into travel advisors who create truly personalized experiences for their customers throughout their journey. The app serves as a single place for travelers to communicate with their travel agent, find all details about their trips and buy extra in-destination activities. Vacatuner helps travel advisors to meet the rising expectations of today’s travelers and increase their revenue. The company has an initial client base of mid-size travel agencies in Europe and is exploring the US market.

Matej Aštary, COO matej.astary@vacatuner.com

Radovan Brliť, Product Designer radovan.brlit@vacatuner.com

Virtual Medicine and Virtual Everything utilizes a cutting-edge VR/AR framework and software solution. The technology is cross-platform, multi-user and easily adaptable to many applications.

Virtual Medicine is an award-winning VR medical education platform used by tens of thousands of people from more than 150 countries. In the US the company is seeking to license to educational and research institutions.

Virtual Everything is working with companies in diverse industries including Deutsche Telekom, Skoda/VW and the banking sector creating interactive VR/AR solutions to improve sales, marketing, product development, and employee training. The company is looking for industrial and strategic partnerships to enter the US market.

Tomáš Brngál, Co-founder & CEO, tomas.brngal@gmail.com

Katarína Zvonárová, Marketing & PR, katuska.zvonarova@gmail.com

Event Advisor

Event Advisor has developed an innovative platform that creates a new sale and booking channel in the multi-billion business conference industry that enables organizers to increase their visibility and profitability. The platform uses AI technology to provide the most helpful and reliable reviews to attendees, empowering them to select the conferences most relevant to their needs. Event Advisor has piloted the platform with several European conferences and is currently preparing for US market entry.


Eva Baskova, Co-founder & CEO, eva@eventadvisor.com

Igor Urmincek, Co-founder & CTO, igor@eventadvisor.com

SPECTER SPORTS aims to revolutionize hockey tape used by professional and amateur hockey players. SPECTER’s patented tape allows for better puck control, lasts longer and is easier to apply than conventional tape, and is fully customizable to players’ needs.  The tape also creates a new platform for branding and advertising. SPECTER SPORTS developed the tape with Boston Bruins captain, Zdeno Chara, who is a user and passionate supporter.   www.spectersports.sk

Andrej Dula, CEO andrej@spectersports.sk

Ondrej Chovanec, COO ondrej@spectersports.sk

Cviker is the first cloud platform to deliver AR for the real estate industry and smart cities. Cviker helps real estate developers, architects and cities to communicate their plans by processing and visualizing of building information models and delivering on mobile devices. Cviker is enhancing the reality for cool cities and real estate, swiftly and seamlessly.

Jan Hroncak, CEO, jan.hroncak@cvikerar.com

Martin Rapos, Co-Founder, martin.rapos@cvikerar.com



Slovak American Foundation at Venture Café Cambridge



through its competitive US Connections program, the Slovak-American Foundation supports Slovak entrepreneurs with companies ready to enter the US market.  The Slovak-American Foundation is a US-based 501c3 nonprofit focused on building the startup ecosystem in Slovakia. www.slovakamericanfoundation.org

Contact: Mary MacPherson, President and CEO mary@slovakamericanfoundation.org

February 21, 2019