Most startups don’t fail at building a product. They fail at acquiring customers when they launch. Traction shows the world and investors that your startup is viable and a good investment opportunity. The fact is most young businesses don’t achieve enough traction in the market. They’re trying hard but the ideas and tactics that they’re using just aren’t working. And they don’t know why.

The problem is more than a tactical one. Just changing tactics or increasing the marketing budget will not fix your revenue and customer acquisition problem. Achieving a business growth is done by design with a clear plan. In this workshop, Steve will show you the steps you can take to energize your business and ignite revenue growth.

What Attendees Will Learn
• Why their current efforts to grow seem to be falling short
• How to better formulate strategic plans to adapt the company for rapid growth
• Ten steps that can be employed to accelerate revenue
• How to get marketing and sales working together to maximize ROI
• How to stay focused on consistent growth
• Practical ideas you can employ immediately to get the company back on a positive growth

December 7, 2017