Calling all documentary and storytelling podcast enthusiasts! Step into the world of “Humankind: Voices of Hope and Humanity” on a stop on their listening tour featuring the insightful episode, “Relaxed Focus: David Allen’s ‘Getting Things Done.'” Hosted by public radio luminary David Freudberg, this unique audio documentary explores the pervasive challenge of feeling overwhelmed in our fast-paced, information-loaded lives. The session will begin with listening to the Humankind Podcast episode called: Relaxed Focus: David Allen’s ‘Getting Things Done’ followed by a guided discussion with podcaster and host David Freudberg.

In this episode, you’ll discover practical solutions presented by best-selling author David Allen, who delves into more than just the chaos of emails and cell phone interruptions. This is a journey to redefine focus in an age inundated with information. Gain invaluable insights that go beyond the daily grind, offering relaxation techniques that resonate with entrepreneurs, creatives, investors, and non-profits alike.

David Freudberg, with a career spanning award-winning programs on NPR and partnerships with institutions like GBH in Boston, will guide you through a thought-provoking inquiry into this common dilemma. With his extensive “journey of listening,” from the Supreme Court to Zen monasteries, David offers a perspective that transcends the ordinary. Don’t miss this opportunity to broaden your horizons and explore new ways of managing the complexities of modern life. Join us for a captivating listening experience that invites you to ponder life’s meaning and find focus amidst the noise.

March 7, 2024