If you employ a third-party to help enact your vision, what are key areas of risk that you should mitigate for the health of your business? If a third-party service provider improves your intellectual property, who owns the improvement? Do your co-founders actually own the IP they’ll contribute to the venture? These questions and more will be tackled in this valuable session.

Navigating third-party collaborations can be challenging, but it’s essential for organizational growth and innovation. In this session, Kahlil Mitchell of Full Draw Legal will provide valuable insights into overcoming common hurdles when working with external partners. Key topics will include protecting your intellectual property (and when to use Confidentiality Agreements), determining when to take on risks versus when to push back, and setting expectations with different types of collaborators, including paid vendors, academic partners, and industry collaborators.


Kahlil Mitchell, Owner and Member of Full Draw Legal, was working with Moderna at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Across business, life sciences, and technology sectors, Kahlil’s expertise spans complex transactions within the biotech and technology fields, having represented private businesses and academic institutions  in private practice and while in house. His deep understanding of intellectual property, honed during his time as a patent attorney, has been instrumental in guiding clients like Moderna through significant growth phases.




July 11, 2024