Hokkaido Life Science Showcase

In-person session | Learn

September 29, 2022 | 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

JETRO Hokkaido, Hokkaido University, Sapporo City and CIC are hosting a cohort of life sciences startups from Hokkaido visiting Boston. Find out the cutting-edge life science technologies born out of Hokkaido, Japan and meet key players and researchers from Hokkaido community.


Masahito Kawabori, Rainbow

RAINBOW.Inc is founded by experienced neurosurgeon to rescue damaged brain by using specially designed stem cell for intra-cerebral transplantion. We have already finishded phase 1/2 clinical trials using proto-type stem cell and found excellent results of response (86% of patients regained walking ability). The company established a technology using automated cell processing procedure to minimize the cost and to improve cell quality.


Yuichiro Sugawara, AMS Planning

AMS is a nuclear medicine start-up executing new business on next-generation targeted radiopharmaceuticals. [We] are in-process of bringing a new prostate cancer diagnostic capability to the Japanese and Asian region market in addition to working on the treatment side.


Masaharu Takahashi, Goryo Chemical

Goryo Chemical’s navigation drug enables to visualize specific target biophysical materials. In case of cancer surgery, it not only decreases remaining cancer cells and improves patient’s Quality of Life as a consequence of accelerating discernment between cancer and normal cells through surgery, but also makes the total surgical time shortened and improves the operational productivity.


Walker Peterson, FlyWorks

“FlyWorks is developing a highly-efficient, fully-autonomous drug screening platform using genetically-engineered fruit flies . [We] expect this platform can dramatically reduce the cost, labor, and time required to screen drug candidates, compared to conventional methods of animal testing.”


Yusuke Sato, Hokkaido University

We have established a library of pH-responsive cationic lipids. Its promising data and high potentials have drawn interest of many companies from Mega pharma to Biotech worldwide for the carrier of mRNA, siRNA and Cas9. We will share the details of our lipid with data and hope to expand partnering opportunity with companies in Boston for clinical applications on our LNPs.


Motoki Susa, Lilac Pharma

We have proposed a new idea of mRNA vaccine preparation that solves the vaccine’s instability problem. The idea of “on-site preparation” using an appropriate microfluidic device enables us to provide effective mRNA vaccine to a person timely and globally without any cold chain equipment. We have strength of developing the microfluidic device.

September 29, 2022