From on-demand healthcare to VR-enabled disease treatment, healthcare is undergoing a robust digital transformation. During this conference night, industry experts and innovators will address new developments in digital healthcare and discuss the technologies that are transforming the way we perceive healthcare. Digital Health experts will offer an overview of trends and innovations followed by a deep dive into individual technologies that power digital health platforms.

Experts from SOMPO Digital Lab, the innovation group of Tokyo-based insurance and health conglomerate Sompo Holdings, will also feature a panel of Sompo’s current digital health partners as well as Japan experts who will offer valuable insights on entering the Japanese market. SOMPO Digital Lab, is looking to partner with digital health startups at the Greater Boston area. The Demo portion of the night will feature local entrepreneurs and digital health solutions.

Please visit www.venturecafecambridge.org/digitalhealth for registration and full details!

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May 28, 2020