As a company grows it goes through phases. Leaders are chameleons changing colors with each phase. Sometimes you are the technical brains, others the sales person to securing funding. The real challenge arises when the initial chaos of the early days wears off and day to day operations start to normalize. What role does the leader play? Tired of being a chameleon most leaders default to what is most comfortable for him/her. I’m sure you have heard of CEOs of startups that were “removed” by the Board of Directors because their “management style” was prohibiting growth of the company.

Could you be on that path? Have you given any thought to the type of leader you are? What style of leadership does your team really need? Do you miss the early days when everyone seemed 100% committed to making this work? Now people are treating this more like a job and checking out at 5pm. Commitment is off. Engagement is down. How do I bring it back?

Find out these answers and more by joining Jill Hunter, a pharmacist turned leadership coach, and learn how to empower your team again. She took a startup business from $60K to $1M sales per month in 1 year. Her Northeastern MBA helped her hone her leadership skills for the past 15 years.

Presented by Jill Hunter, MBA Leadership Coach.



February 4, 2021