Founders Over 55

In-person session

February 6, 2020 | 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

The Founders Over 55 Club* is a collegial community of startups and companies run by founders in their encore careers. We are a member-led organization to celebrate and educate each other along our professional and personal journeys to start and build thriving businesses where our age (and lifelong experience) is an asset, not a stigma.

Join us at Venture Café to share ideas, raise issues, and connect with peers who are puzzling over key questions like:

  • What motivates founders over 55? . . . is it all about the money? the life-purpose? the intellectual, creative and social engagement? mentoring the next generation(s)?
  • What drives the success of our ventures? . . . is it lifelong experience and wisdom? renewed curiosity? blending the old with the new?
  • What resources are most valuable/needed? . . . access to capital, markets, and partners? alternative sources of funding for founders who don’t fit the typical VC profile?
  • What are the practical challenges and best-practices? . . . balancing a healthy lifestyle with the demands of running a successful business in today’s hyper-competitive climate? managing wealth & risk? visibility in the ecosystem? strategies to combat ageism bias ??

Come join us for a highly interactive “Block Buster Workshop” where each of you can share practical and zany ideas for the challenges we all face as encore entrepreneurs and how to unblock the barriers in your path. Together we’ll unpack the most promising ideas that the F55+ Club should pursue going forward. You’ll forge new relationships, have lots of laughs, and leave with tips and insights to help you with your business venture [and bonus: you’ll learn a new facilitation technique to use in your own company]

Facilitated by Danielle D. Duplin, co-founder AGENCY, and the F55+ charter team, Jerry Wolonsenko, MJ Cronin, Scott Guthery; in collaboration with Venture Cafe.

Come early (5pm) to enjoy beer & networking with the innovation community at Venture Cafe!

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*The Founders Over 55 Club is an inclusive club that welcomes entrepreneurs of ALL ages, stages, and backgrounds. The F55+ Club is an initiative of AGENCY: Worldwide Innovation for Living Longer and Aging Better. AGENCY is equal parts coworking, programming, and an international community of innovators to make the aging journey better for all.

February 6, 2020