Featured Speakers:
Dr. Richard Rowe, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Open Learning Exchange
Tim Rowe, Founder and CEO, CIC (fka Cambridge Innovation Center) (Moderator)

Dr. Richard Rowe is Founder and CEO of the Open Learning Exchange (OLE). A licensed Psychologist in Massachusetts, he has served as Associate Dean of the Harvard University Graduate School of Education, as Director of Harvard’s interfaculty Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology and Public Practice, and as Chair of the Harvard Center for Studies in Education and Development. Dr. Rowe served as the Director of the Test Development and Research Office of the West African Examinations Council and has served as a member of the Massachusetts State Board of Education, Chair of the Statewide Advisory Council for the Massachusetts Office for Children, as Chair of the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education and as President of the One Laptop Per Child Foundation. He is on the Board of the Small Planet Institute and is the Publisher of the Small Planet Media.He received his B.A. in Psychology from UCLA, an M.A. in Psychology of Religion from Boston University and his Ph.D. from Columbia University in Clinical Psychology.

Open Learning Exchange
Open Learning Exchange is committed to ensuring that everyone, especially youth, has access to a high quality basic education. Working with nation-based partners, we use innovative, open information technologies to empower communities, disrupted by poverty and violence, with the knowledge and leadership skills they need to enable their people, to thrive, particularly their girls and young women. Our mission is to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to quality education that engenders a personal sense of power, meaning and connection leading to more productive lives and sustainable communities. OLE seeks to move from education for some to learning for all, integrating technologically innovative solutions to inspire personal, community centered, connected learning.

December 14, 2017