Securing government contracts enables companies to positively impact the over 350M people currently living in the U.S.. How do you target the best government contracts? How do you decide if partnering with municipalities is the most effective way to move your organization forward? Join Karin Brandt as she shares her multifaceted experiences as a Founder and CEO of coUrbanize.


Brandt will discuss how she took her Boston-based startup through government contracting to independent funding. Brandt and coUrbanize have been recognized by many leading business organizations, such as GlobeStreet’s Women of Influence, the GovTech 100 list, and Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas.


This fireside chat will include an engaging Q&A segment, providing a platform for the audience to interact directly with Brandt for personalized advice and practical strategies that empower and foster a more inclusive innovation ecosystem. 

This event is hosted by CIC’s Social Impact Program (SIP)

 in collaboration with Venture Café. We invite you to hear from Karin Brandt, to network with innovators and entrepreneurs dedicated to fostering equity and inclusion, and to meet this year’s SIP startup founders: 

  • Yoku AI: De-risking branding with AI.
  • Ethos Admissions: Disrupting the college admissions consulting market.
  • ThriveIEP: Empowering parents and educators in special education with AI-driven insights.
  • CircNova: Combining AI and drug discovery for unmet medical needs.
  • RequestFOIA: Providing workflow-based public records software applications for government agencies.
  • SplitBrick: Modernizing real estate investment through fractional ownership.
  • Coils to Locs: Providing culturally-sensitive wigs for Black and Brown women experiencing hair loss.


July 18, 2024