Reframing Aging will help you shift perceptions about the aging journey, ageism and issues important to older people. This proven model, developed by the FrameWorks Institute, draws on anthropology, neuroscience, socio-linguistics, and other behavioral disciplines. Their Strategic Frame Analysis® taps into decades of research on how people think and communicate.

Join us to learn how to:

  • Identify ageism and dominant misperceptions
  • Avoid words that can derail your messages
  • Encourage openness to new ideas
  • Invite customers to connect with your brand
  • Shape a modern and inclusive view of growing older.
We are launching “Virtual Venture Café”. Virtual Venture Cafés will allow us to continue to share the great content produced by the Foundation while we monitor the evolving guidance on COVID-19. Our virtual Connect conference will be broadcasted during our standard Thursday timeframe. Please sign up for our newsletter and check our Event Calendar page for our changing schedule. Follow us on Facebook page and Youtube Channel to be notified when we go live.
June 4, 2020