Using the Reverse Pitch to Fill Gaps,
Expand Ideation & Find Partners

Presented by Brandeis University,
Asper Center for Global Entrepreneurship at Brandeis International Business School

4:15PM l Havanna (5th floor)
A reverse pitch is a request for input or expert opinion to solve an innovation challenge. A bank or fintech startup may ask an academic team to analyze or audit a model or dataset, or to develop or test an algorithm. Or an industry leader may seek specific technologies from a startup. It’s a method for targeted expert-sourcing. Understanding this process can fill critical gaps, generate ideas, and help build connections with potential industry partners.
Brandeis International Business School offers such interactive programming between graduate students, start-up firms, and corporate partners. Their core strengths are in finance and predictive analytics and are ideal for partnerships with FinTech innovators. Student consulting teams, led by faculty, also conduct market research and help develop business plans.

Led by Debarshi Nandy, this interactive panel and pitch will feature case studies on how the reverse pitch process works. We will then give startups and others a chance to pitch their needs to the community.

August 31, 2017