FinTech Community Flash Talks

In-person session

August 31, 2017 | 3:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Join local innovators as they share their expertise on a variety of FinTech topics. These concurrent sessions allow the community to both learn and connect with experts and like-minded individuals.

Identity & Personal Data as an Asset Class

6:00PM l SONATA (inside Venture Cafe)

Presenter: Dazza Greenwood

Let’s face it – our digital identity and personal data are important economic and practical resources of ever increasing value. Personal identity involves more than money can buy, but it’s also part of an emerging digital asset class. Thriving industries exist to collect, track and trade this information while business and legal models respecting the rights and expectations of all the stakeholders (including you as a consumer) have not evolved to keep pace. The rise of “smart” phones, homes and cities accelerated by blockchain, smart contracts and mass-automation offer new modes for control, methods for valuation and mechanisms for exchange of key rights to this new asset type. We will catalyze and focus discussion around an applied identity anchor scenario exploring the legal validity, admissibility and enforceability of blockchain-based digital signatures to grant or revoke consent and authorization for electronic transactions. What are the key issues, options and opportunities for innovative FinTech products, services and markets arising from this new digital asset class? Join the discussion and let’s find out – together.

Single View of Customer


Presenter: Andreas Randow

Presenter: Jeff Maclaren

Data integration is paramount in a world where multiple IT systems and data complexity dominate the landscape. Robotic process automation has the potential to transform large scale backend systems similar to how machines of the Industrial Revolution changed the factory floor. Combining the semantic business rules with robotic process automation dramatically accelerates software integration projects.

The New Face of Asset Management

6:45PM l SONATA (inside Venture Cafe)

Presenter: Christina Qi

From robo-advisors to algorithmic hedge funds, millennials are creating and consuming a new set of financial technologies, disrupting the traditional bulge-bracket bank. But how far will they go? How can you position yourself for a fintech career? In this talk, Christina Qi will discuss the advantages and limits of modern computing in the asset management world. She will explore how financial institutions and universities are shifting their focus to fintech in order to stay competitive.

It’s Not Just About the Tech


Presenter: Susan Parente

Why do some disruptive technologies make it while others don’t or perhaps burn bright for a few years only to flame out? My partners and I have spent the past 10 years working with fintech companies as their communications partner and have seen the patterns. Perhaps it’s worth exploring together some of the keys to long term success, whether that means as an independent company, through an eventual IPO or within a larger company.

Fintech: Bringing Transparency to Financial Services

7:30PM l SONATA (inside Venture Cafe)

Presenter: Patrick Boyaggi

Fintech companies are solving a key issue for consumers, the asymmetry of information. The opaque nature of financial services has dramatically favored financial institutions since their inception. When financial institutions have exclusive access to information, they have all the power, which allows them to overcharge and take advantage of consumers. Fintech companies are able to use technology and data to bring transparency to consumers so they have more choices, are able to secure better terms (price, fees, etc.) and ultimately have a better experience. This topic applies to lending, robo-advisors, insurance tech and real estate.

Are robo-advisors disrupting Wall street? The data, the facts, and the future.


Presenter: Sophia Lin

In the beginning of this year, Betterment announced Betterment Plus and Betterment Premium to introduce human advisor service. The emerging trend which robo-advisors are adding human touch is slowly changing the robo-advisors’ landscape. A lot of people like how easy and affordable robo-advisors are, while many others argue robo-advisors are less effective than human advisors. By understanding robo-advisors investment performance and strengths, the analytics shades insights of the future of investment tech.

August 31, 2017