ESports: ReadyUp Rhode Island

In-person session

October 22, 2020 | 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM

Understanding the community of gaming is key to authentically participating in Esports as a partner. Join us Thursday, October 22 for an Esports conversation defining the community, lifestyle, and career possibilities emerging from this rapidly growing industry.


11:30 AM (ET): Cultivating Innovation: Informal Conversations with RI’s Economic Gardener | Click here for more Information

12:00 PM (ET): ESports 101 | Click here for more Information

12:30 PM (ET): Esports Tsunami: Monetizing Esports for Brands | Click here for more Information

1:00 PM (ET):  Rhode Island – E-Dustrial Revolution | Click here for more Information

1:30 PM (ET): The Esports LifeStyle: Health, Wellness and the Positive Conscience of Esports | Click here for more Information

2:00 PM (ET):  Gaming for Good: Esports Power to Activate | Click here for more Information

2:30 PM (ET): Esports: More than a Game: Lifestyle, Career, Community | Click here for more Information


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