Are you ready to take your presence to the next level? Picture this: You’re in a room full of investors and stakeholders, ready to pitch your vision and secure crucial funding. The pressure is on but, instead of holding tension in your body, you are at ease, take deep breaths, and exude confidence & poise. How is this possible?

We’re pleased to share the Alexander Technique with our Venture Café Community. This is a world-renowned movement and vocal technique utilized by public speakers and actors alike all across the world. We’ll be joined by Dianne Sales, a Certified Expert of the Alexander Technique and former Senior Investment Executive with over two decades of experience. Dianne knows firsthand the importance of projecting calmness and confidence in front of investors and other key stakeholders. In this workshop, she’ll share invaluable insights and techniques to help you harness the power of the Alexander Technique to your advantage.

Learn how to manage nervous energy, cultivate a relaxed and upright bearing, and improve your vocal presence – essential skills for any founder looking to make a lasting impression. Dianne’s expertise in both the financial and holistic well-being realms makes her the perfect guide to help you unlock your full potential and present yourself with confidence and authenticity.

Don’t let nerves hold you back from achieving your goals. Join us for this transformative workshop and discover how the Alexander Technique can help you command the room and captivate investors and stakeholders alike.

Secure your spot today and take the first step towards mastering the art of relaxed and confident communication in the world of entrepreneurship.


February 22, 2024