Creating A Culture of Collaboration in the Healthcare Space

In-person session | Learn, Engage

June 22, 2023 | 5:30 PM - 6:40 PM
Room: Santo Domingo

Join us for an enlightening Q&A session on creating a culture of collaboration in healthcare, with a focus on women in the industry. In this session, you will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of collaboration in healthcare and leave with valuable insights on how to create a collaborative culture in your workplace. Medical providers and non-medical professionals are all welcome to join us in this supportive and empowering environment.

This session is organized in collaboration with Female Healthcare Leaders.

Female Healthcare Leaders is a community of like-minded female healthcare leaders that welcomes medical and non-medical professionals alike to share their ideas, connect with peers, and find mentors and mentees. By bringing together professionals from diverse backgrounds and experiences, we aim to create a supportive and empowering environment for all members.

June 22, 2023