Are you looking for visa options outside the H-1B lottery?

Each year, about 200,000 highly skilled foreign nationals enter an H-1B visa lottery to determine whether they will be given a chance to continue to work, build, and innovate in the United States. Only 85,000 petitions are selected for review, annually. The strict cap on H-1B visas is not necessarily the end of the story for entrepreneurs and companies in need of highly skilled talent. Join Open Avenues Foundation at VenCafé to hear about potential next steps if you or your employee are looking for options.

We will cover:
-Other visa types to consider
-New “Plan B” options for founders and critical employees of high-growth and start-up companies, who were not selected in the annual H-1B lottery
-How the current political climate has affected the H-1B system

Presented by Open Avenues

September 5, 2019