How to Build an Organic Audience 
Marketing dollars are scares for new businesses and startups. Squeezing every penny out of a marketing budget requires operators to master organic audience building through social platforms, search engine traffic, and referrals. In this session, you’ll learn how founder Frank Pobutkiewicz grew his online audience by 350% in one year without spending a dollar on paid advertising.
By the end of the session, you’ll be able to:
  • Develop a “pillar” or “core” content strategy,
  • Develop a plan for launching at least one piece of core content,
  • Learn how to break down long-form content into over 25 pieces of smaller content,
  • Learn how to replicate or reuse content from one medium into another, such as video into written, or written into audio,
  • Learn new free online tools to simplify content creation and distribution
February 13, 2020