Co-Founder Matching

In-person session | Connect

September 7, 2023 | 5:00 PM - 6:15 PM
Room: Havana Room

Are you searching for the ideal co-founder to join your startup? Do you want to build strong relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs based on shared values and a passion

When it comes to finding your ‘perfect match’, we’re challenging you to go beyond just matching skills and qualifications, and to pivot your focus to building strong, authentic relationships based on shared values and a common drive to create impact. That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome Melis Dural, the visionary founder of, to kick things off with an inspiring mini talk on the power of genuine connections in the startup landscape.

So whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for your perfect partner, a startup enthusiast, or just someone with an idea, this is the event for you. Come ready to connect, mingle, and ignite innovation in a supportive and fun environment!

This event is a collaboration between Boston New Technology, Prepare4VC, and Venture Café Cambridge.

September 7, 2023